Ask your stylist about what products they would recommend for your hair! We carry many top brands including, but not limited to, Moroccan Oil, Neuma, & Big Sexy Hair!

Prices will vary within the ranges above depending on each individual service and stylist.
Please ask your stylists about their prices if you have any questions

Elizabeth Brooke SAlon

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additional services:  

Conditioning Treatment: $15-$20
(If added to any service: $10)

Shampoo & Style: $20-$45

Formal Style: $55 & UP

Waxing: Eyebrow, Lip, or Chin: $12 for 1, $18 for 2, or $22 for 3



Women: $25-$35

Men: $17-$25

Children (under 12): $15-$20


Topfoil: $55-$75

Partial Foil: $80-$100

Full Foil: $95 & UP

All Over Color: $60 & UP

Balayage/Ombre: $100 & UP

Perm: $75 & UP